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Ink Jet Printer@JET CCS-R

Housed in robust stainless steel frames. Can print on varieties of substrates of different shapes thanks to use of the compactly designed printhead.

ink jet printer JET CCS-R


Stainless Steel Body

  • THe body is made of robust stainless steel material.Thus,there is no worry about the operational environment where water is used.

You can operate the equipment in the wider environment conditions.

  • This machine can be operational under the temperature conditions between 0 and 40 degrees C thanks to the heater built in the printhead.
  • You do not have to have an air compressor thanks to the use of the built in purging pump.
  • There is no worry about the highly dusty environment to operate this machine.

ink jet printer JET CCS-R

Printhead is closer to the substrate!

  • As the printhead has been designed to be so compact that printing on various shaped substrates has become possible.
  • Another benefit is that the printhead can be mounted where there is only a small space.

Even small printhead is equipped with full functionalities.

  • We have "Interval Mechanism" which automatically recirculatge the ink even during non-operational time thus,it eliminates risk of nozzle blocking due to dried ink for the use after a long non-operational condition.

operation panel

Easy to operate it as you see it.

  • Ultimate functionality is considered in designing the key board.
  • Input can be made easily just by checking printing data as the image is displayed on the screen.
ink jet printer JET CCS-R sample    ink jet printer JET CCS-R sample

Printing method Continuous typeiCharge control system)Ink Jet Printer
Letter height 1-10mm
Printing speed Maximum 2,000leters/sec (at 5~5dots font, letter interval of 1j
Printing objects Paper, metals, plastics, glass, wood etc.
Ink CN1black             (mild solution-based black ink)
CN5black-A1(MEK-based super-adhesive black ink)
CN505black (Oil-resistant and super-adhesive black ink)
CN101black (Fast drying black ink)
Letters Alphabet (large/small letter), figures,symbol, hiragana, katakana, kanji (JIS first and second standard), user registered letters, simplified Chinese characters (GB2312)
Printing lines and dots construction 5~5:i1-4 linesj
7~5, 7~8 dots:i1-3 linesj
12~10, 10~8, 9~7, 9~9 dots:i1-2 linesj
24~24, 24~18, 16~12, 16~16 dots:i1 linesj
Fonts Ming-cho, Block
Number of message Maximum 50 messages can be registered.
Date, Time (Exp. Date) capability Dominical year, imperial era name, Year month date, day of the week, time(12/24 systems), Number of the days and weeks through the year, Beginning, Middle and later in the month (Period can be adjusted.j, AM/PM, assignment of letters (assign letters to the numbers of datej
Numbering capability Maximum 8 lines, voluntary initial number, up/down, carry, (1 count can be set 1-9999 works), zero suppress (substitute high-order zero by space), assignment of letters (assign letters to the numbers)
Communication method RS-232CiMaximum38400bpsj
Head cable 3.5m
Nozzle diameter 50µm
Data input Full keyboard, RS-232C communication
Dimension Body: Height 674mm~Width 450mm~Depth 300mm
Print head: Height 40mm~Width 40mm~Depth 199mm
Use environment 0-40ºC@10%-80%RHiNo dew condensation)
Power AV220V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA)
AV230V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA)

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