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Q&A about Ink Jet Printer

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 Q1.What is Ink Jet Printer?   
A1.Equipment to print by excluding ink. Basically similar to Ink Jet Printer used in the office. What we make and supply is the industrial printer which is installed on production line and print on product or package directly. Please use for high-mix low-volume production line.

 Q2.What is the advantage of Ink Jet Printer?  
A2.Shown by run of the item
●Products moving on the production line were printed by ejecting ink without contacting and only ink is consumable.
●Control and setting of printing letters were done by special controller though key board input. So anybody can operate easily without soiling his hands.
●Many patterns of printing letters can be pre-set and can be switched by key board input and external signal.
●Date, number, lot number and other information can be printed clearly and easily. Our company prepares many grade of printer up to super high resolution type of 500 dots

 Q3.What kind of Ink Jet Printer do you have?   →Page Top
A3.Please refer to following table.
On demand type
(for largecharacter)
Piezo method high quality letters of 32-500 dots are printable. ■JET HQC
■JET HQ500
■JET HQ256
Continuous type
(for small character)
Charge driving Letters of up to 32 dots are printed with quick dry ink and any material can be printed. ■JET CCS
※Printers for large characters print relatively large letters such as company name, product name and lot number mainly on out side of carton box. Printers for small letters print exp. date, date of packing and lot number on each product.

Q4.Can bar code be printed on out side of package box?    →Page Top
A4.Our JET HQM, JET HQ500 type Ink Jet Printer have the capability of printing bar code. Printable bar codes are ITF, Code39, JAN (only JET HQ500) and two dimensional QR type (only JET HQ500,HQM). Printed bar codes are useful to manage and logistics of products. Please ask us about how to use.

Q5.What is two dimensional bar code?    →Page Top
A5.What we have used is one dimensional code where lines of variety of thickness are put in one direction and scan the order and thickness of these lines. And the amount of data that can be stored in this bar code is limited and only numbers are recorded. On the contrary, two dimensional bar code can store much more information by arraying codes vertically and horizontally and this code can store not only code but product name, specification, information of maker and delivery using kanji. It can correct error and can be scanned any direction then flexible logistic systems can be established. And this bar code is expected to get more and more popular from now on. Our company's Ink Jet Printer can print QR code. (JET HQ500, JET HQM)

Q6.What is on demand type?   →Page Top
A6.As ink is ejected only when ejection signal was received, we call these type as on demand type. This type applied to Ink Jet Printer which are to print relatively large type of letters on the package box. This type is economical and has good printing property. For ink is always on the nozzle, quick dry type ink harden easily. So usually slow dry ink is used for this type. Though this doesn't cause problem when carton is printed, quick dry ink can not used on plastics or metal.

Q7.What is valve type   →Page Top
A7.This is one of on demand type and ejection of ink is controlled by valve. Ink is delivered by pomp to the top of the nozzle but it doesn't eject usually because the valve is shut. When the signal was sent valve opens and ink ejects. Because of high pressure, ejection is powerful distance to the object can be longer and size of ink drop can be larger. Valve need to have a certain size and difficult to move quickly. So this technology is used for low dots basic type printer. The dots consisting letters can be seen by eyes. This type can print alpha-numeral such as code and number. And kanji can not be printed.

Q8.What is Piezoelectric element driving?   →Page Top
A8.This is one of on demand type utilizing Piezoelectric element which is a ceramic that expands and contracts according to electrical potential. Ink tank and nozzle are kept at the same height to balance the pressure. Ink is always at the top of nozzle and surface tension prevents leaking of ink. With electric potential piezoelectric element contract and expand and ink is ejected as squirt gun. Nozzle diameter can be small and fine control is possible. And this type is suitable for printing high quality letters. We have explanatory booklet of following printers of this type

  ■JET HQL (32 Nozzles : 7 Holes/Nozzle)

■JET HQC (32 Nozzles : 2 Holes/Nozzle)

  ■JET HQM (32 Nozzles : 3 or 6 Holes/Nozzle , 128 Nozzles : 1 or 2 Holes/Nozzle)

  ■JET HQE (32 Nozzles : 1 , 2 or 6 Holes/Nozzle)

  ■JET HQ500 (500 Nozzles : 1 Hole/Nozzle)

  ■JET HQ256 (256 Nozzles : 3 Holes/Nozzle)

Printers which have more holes (from which ink ejects) than nozzle has multiple holes at on nozzle. Control is done
nozzle level.

Q9.What is continuous type?   →Page Top
A9.When metal, glass and plastics products are printed, quick dry ink must be used. But this type of ink hardens when it is used for on demand type. So ink is continuously ejected during operation and printing is controlled by changing the path of ejection. Ink is withdrawn the moment it is not needed. Ink is forced to eject by pomp and vibration of piezoelectric element makes ejecting ink small drops. Ink regularly goes into retrieving hole to be retrieved. When the printing sign arrives ink drop is charged. This charged ink drop path is altered by electric field in front of nozzle and inducted ink drop to the place tobe printed (Charging induction). Because printing is done by changing angle of the path of ink, letter size is depends on the distance between nozzle and object. And ejecting ink by pressure is not affected by the distance and printing curved surface is possible. This type is widely used for such as can for drink and tube etc. JET CCS was developed in this type

Q10.What is multi heads?   →Page Top
A10.Ink Jet Printer is consists of controller, ink unit and head. Multi head is the printer which controller was improved to be able to control multiple heads and ink units. Different printing pattern can be set for each head.

Q11.What kind of letters can be printed?
A11. Piezoelectric element driving type HQ series, continuous type and JETCCS can print alpha-numeral, symbol, hiragana, katakana, kanji(JIS first and second standard) and user registered letters, in several kinds of dot letter up to 32 dots. Economic type JET HQL can print 48 letters of user registered kanjibin addition to alpha-numeral, symbol, hiragana and katakana. JET HQ500 , HQ256 can print all True Type fonts as it is based on PC.

Q12.Can information other than letters be printed?    →Page Top
A12.Continuous type of JET CCS , economy type of JET HQC type can print only letters. Piezoelectric element driving type HQ series can print bar code and two dimensional bar code in addition to letters. JET HQ500 can import graphic from PC and print it. JET HQ500 is based on PC and can print unlimited graphics like PC printer by importing any bit map up to 500 dots in vertical direction. JET HQ256 is also based on PC and able to print unlimitedly.

Q13.Can size of letters be changed?   →Page Top
A13.Continuous JET CCS ejects ink drop adjusting the angle of its path. So the size of the letters is changed by distance between nozzle and object. On demand type adjust height of letters by inclining head. Letters gets smaller and high density printing is possible with large inclination. Heads of JET HQ500 , JET HQ256 are always vertical and size of letters can be specified within range of dots specified for each printer.

Q14.Can plane carton boxes be utilized?
A14.To prepare pre-printed boxes for each product needs much cost, trouble and space. Printing on plane (or only common items are printed) case at the point of packing is a good solution. This method requires high accuracy but HQ series meet this requirement. And the cost is much lower than labeling. Especially JET HQ500 and JET HQ256 have overwhelming expression of such as logo, barcode and graphics and eliminate the necessity of pre-printed case. This solution can reduce much cost.

Q15.How to tell the timing of printing?   →Page Top
A15.The timing of printing is decided by the signal which is projected by photo sell set near the head. Vertical printing position is decided by the position of the head and horizontal position is can be decided unlimitedly. Specially customized version such as auto shifting function of head for printing on shapeless object or head transferring system for static object can be designed and developed on your demand.

Q16.How to clean up quick dry ink?   →Page Top
A16.JET CCS type which uses quick dry ink equipped with auto capping function to seal the nozzle automatically at the end of operation. So it doesn't need clean up (including auto clean up). It has also interval function which automatically circulates ink at the same interval. So it is surely free from nozzle plugging even in a long non-operation period. On demand type JET HQ series need just need to wipe the nozzle surface.

Q17.How printing contents are set?   →Page Top
A17.It can be set at any time by key entering on flat key attached to the controller. As for JET HQ500 , JET HQ256 , graphic can also be set freely. And this printing content can be stored and referred on PC.

Q18.Can printing contents be switched easily?    →Page Top
A18.Easy switching of printing contents is one of the features of Ink Jet Printer. The switching is done by flat key attached to the controller. This flat key is sealed type of key board box. Printing patterns of all heads can be controlled by one key board. Switching can be automatically done by external signal on the line where various kinds of products are conveyed. RS232C is usually used as interface but other interface can also be used. JET HQ500 and JET HQ256 are controlled by PC. We can customize also external control.

Q19.What is the difference bellow    →Page Top
A19.It is summarized below
Stamper Ink Jet Printer on demand piezo method JET HQM type
Printing method Contact print (Stamp) Non contact (Good for bumpy surface)
Printing speed Relatively low Fast (MAX200m/Min)
Printing position Fixed by printer Controlled by software
Standard letters alpha-numeral, special character Alpha-numeral, hiragana, katakana, kanji
Special letters Make rubber stamp Registered dot letters
Standard letter size Depends on rubber stamp Registered dot letters
Special letter size Make rubber stamp  32 Nozzle : Limited up to 40mm
128 Nozzle : Limited up to 64.5mm
Changing letters Change stamp By flat key or external control
Print quality Exact as rubber stamp Improve with increase of number of dots
Power No power (rolled by case movement) AC100V 50/60Hz
Inks variety Many (selected according to color or object) Few (depend on head structure etc.)
Printing object Many printable materials Limited by ink or structure
Price Low (except special version) High (low price version available)

Q20.How to print exp. date   →Page Top
A20.Exp. date is calculated from offset from the day of packing.
When unit of offset value is only "day", the value is simply add to the day of packing regardless of month. When unit of offset value are only "month" and "day", there is a case non-existing date is calculated. (Feb. 30th etc.) In this case, select one of following 3 calculating method in advance.
●"End of the month":When non-existing date is calculated, exp. date is set to be the end of the same month. (2/30→2/28)
●"Carry over":Exp. date is carried over to existing date in next month (2/30→3/2) ●"Beginning of next month": Exp. date is set to be the first day of the next month. (2/30→3/1)
Please set offset value (the span when the product is good) which calculated for each product.

Q21.When variety of products are conveyed, can these be printed?
A21.If different products are sometimes conveyed, it can be set by flat key input. But if products conveyed randomly, setting is troublesome. So in this case, controlling by external signal is convenient.
In large system, printing contents are switched by computer which controlling production line.
And printing contents can also be selected by scanning bar code which is labeled on each product.

Q22.What is ink consumption?   →Page Top
A22.Ink consumption by inkjet printer is extremely small because just the amount of ink necessary for printing is ejected and there is no loss at during the process.
JET HQM can print 10 and several thousand 32 dots letters by 1cc, though it vary a little depend on head, dot/letter, thickness, ink and so on. Since the consumption is proportional to area, 4 times of that number of 16 dots can be printed.

Q23.What is the fastest line it can print?    →Page Top
A23.One of the features of Ink Jet Printer is fast printing as well as high quality. Up to 200m/min is possible. Though line speed can be set by flat key, actual line speed can be detected by sensing device. This is recommended when the line speed is changeable are unstable.

Q24.Can it print an motionless object?   →Page Top
A24.Ink Jet Printer is controlled Y-axis, X-axis depends on movement of object. So it can not print on motionless object. But when product is too large to move at the same speed by conveyer, printing is possible by moving head. This head moving equipment can move to two directions. One is to product and the other is printing direction.
Since this must be designed individually to be suitable for each object, please ask us
Q25.What is quality of printing?   →Page Top
A25.Generally quality of inkjet printing is depends on its resolution. Therefore the more nozzles head has, the higher quality letters are.
In usual use 32 dots printer such as JET HQM has enough quality. But when higher quality is required 64 dots, 256 dots or 500 dots printers are recommended. JET HQ500 has overwhelming dots number of 500 dots and realize high quality of 180 dpi.

Q26.Can it print on wood or materials for outer wall?   →Page Top
A26. Ink Jet Printer is used for many materials such as pre-cut woods, rolled paper, sheet-like products or sacks in addition to packing box such as carton box.
As line systems expand, these are the field where Ink Jet Printer which can switch printing contents for each product work effectively.

Q27.What is daily maintenance?   →Page Top 
A27.Both on demand type JET HQ series and, Continuous JET C series type don't need daily maintenance.
To avoid trouble, only daily cleaning is needed. Please refer to explanatory booklet

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