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Ink Jet Printer@JET HQ256

Wide version of high resolution Ink Jet Printer printable up to 100mm height letters

ink jet printer JET HQ256


High quality Ink Jet Printer with piezo method
100m height letters and graphics can be printed at 256 dots high resolution.
Precise printing with 3 holes per 1 dot, totally 768holes
Creating printing data and changing settings are easily done by PC system.
Printing settings can be changed by external signal. Then it has high performance at high-mix low-volume production.
Much lower cost than labeling and pre-printing

Auto purge system

Equipped with auto purge system which purge (pulling out the air form the nozzle) by one switch. (Not available down ward printing.)
The ejected ink at purging is retrieved automatically, and no need to wipe.
Purge is done not only by purge switch on head but by external signal.
<Print sample>
As for bar code,ITF, JAN, Code39,NEW-7, EAN128 and also 2 dimensional QR code can be printed.
Variable data such as date or numbering can be expressed as bar code in real time.
Logo and graphics can easily be printed by bit map file reading function.
Fonts are freely selected on PC.

Printable bar codes
JAN(standard), JAN(short form), ITF, Code39, UCC/EAN128,
QR code
Printing method Piezo ceramics drive drop on demand
Nozzle alignment 256 nozzle/768 hole (3 hole/nozzle)
Ink Dye ink
Ink color Black
Maximum line speed 119m/min.
Letter height 100mm fixed
Maximum horizontal dot number 15000dot (5953mm)
Resolution Vertical 64dpi/Horizontal 64dpi
Ink eject direction Transversal, downward
Printing objects Cartons, paper, wood, other poromeric materials
Capacity of main tank 600ml
Number of heads Maximum 4 heads can be connected to one controller
Data input Full key board and mouse
Display 17 inch CRT
Number of message Maximum 9,999 (Depend on HDD capacity)
Maximum number of letters for one message Up to 15,000 horizontal dot number
Letters JIS first and second standard, user drown bit map file
Fonts Ming-cho, Block, others
Editor for print data creation Numbering, setting watch function, paste BMP file, etc
Numbering capability Maximum 8 lines, up/down, carry, adjustable numbering interval
Date, Time (Exp. Date) capability Dominical year, imperial era name, Year-month-date, free format
Bar code printing EAN128, ITF, Code39, JAN, NW-7, QR Code
RS-232C 1ch, Maximum communication speed of 115,200bps
Use environment 5-35oC@10%-80%RH (No dew condensation)
Power No more than AC100V}10% 50/60Hz 8A
Air source Not required
Familiar Microsoft Windows(R) is adopted for easy use.
Soft ware is our own made and quick response is available.
Graphics can be imported. And during operation with actual printing with 256 dots is possible.
Data of print settings are stored in a file and can be loaded and printed or revised at any time.
Printing data of JET HQ256 can be revised directly from PC. Alternation of products on line can be done by external input in real time.

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