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Information of research and development

We contribute to innovation of production line though marking technology

Kainan technical center
£Kainan technical center

£Development of new head

£Development of new ink

” "As a research and development@company"

Our company founded "Kainan technical center", the facility specialized in research and development, in Kainan intelligent park. That is working on development of the technology which clear up the future. We are actively working on collaborate research on basic technology with university and working on development of applied technology of Ink Jet Printer with variety of companies. Outer wall of Kainan technical center is made with Romano which is printed by our Ink Jet Printer.

”"Applying features of inkjet printer"

œThe basic of Ink Jet Printer is to make ink tiny in to drops and eject it from nozzle.
œVibration of piezoelectric element made by fast change of electric field of several 10KHz ejects ink drop from several 10um nozzle.
œThe amount of this ink drop is extremely tiny as pico liter, and fully controllable by electric field.
œThis feature gather attentions as the technology which can be applied to dividing injection developing layer.
œOur company brushing up our basic technology to get strong capability of extremely fine control and dividing injection in special appreciation.

Challenging new field

” Our research and development group are working on following issues and steadily getting an achievement.

œDevelopment of new technology
3 dimensional molding machines
Application for vaporizer

œDevelopment of new products
Development of letter examiner

œUpgrading existing products
Development of new head
Development of new ink

We have been expanding our capability to any variation. Please let us know your company's needs to us. We must have something that responds. "This kind of production line is desired." "That kind of thing we want to do." Please contact us.

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