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■Company name: Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
■Head quarter: 466 Nunohiki Wakayama-city Wakayama 641-0015
■TEL: 81-73-445-6610
■Established: Dec. 27 1968
■Capital: 10,000,000 yen
■President: Toshiyuki Kamanaka
■Net Sales: 3.6billion yen (2006)
■Employees: 155 employees
■Business: Making and selling roller coders, inkjet printers and related soft wares to mark automatically carton paper, kraft paper, building material and parts on production line etc.
■Main products: Ink Jet Printer, PC coder (Roller coder)
■Customers: Domestic 14,800 companies (factories) Direct sales 8,000 companies (factories)
■Affiliate companies:
   ●KGK international Ltd.
    Head quarter : 466 Nunohiki Wakayama-city Wakayama
    Representative: President Toshiyuki Kamanaka
    Capital: 10,000,000 yen
   ●Jizhou Printing Technology (shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
    Representative: PRESIDENT Toshiyuki Kamanaka
    Capital: 500,000 dollar

<Profile of president>

▲PRESIDENT Toshiyuki Kamanaka

kainan technical center
▲Kainan Technical Center

Ink Jet Printer JET CCS
▲Ink Jet Printer  JET CCS

Starting with the development of automatic marking machines, we have played a central role in developing a system for managing and communicating production and merchandise information in the market; we are now venturing into yet another field.

Toshiyuki Kamanaka

Born April 10, 1937, in Aritagawa, Wakayama Prefecture. Graduated from Wakayama Industrial High School in 1956. Worked for 12 years at Kao Corporation's Wakayama Factory. Was in charge of packaging machinery and equipment. Established KGK (Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.) in 1968, a specialized manufacturer of automatic marking machines. Enjoys golf and gardening. Awarded a Medal with Yellow Ribbon (Oju-Hosho) in November 2005.

Our society has been changing at a rapid pace. Consumers in this day and age are price- and safety-conscious, distribution channels and communication means have been increasingly diverse, and the spread of the Internet and globalization of the market economy are all contributing factors to the change.
The world of marking machines we pioneered is not an exception. With the change in the market, higher standards are placed on roller machines and ink jet machines, and more is expected of the making machines.
KGK has been working to establish a system of the production of our line of products that ranges from in-house development of ink, printheads, and character verification system, to actual production of the products.
We became certified for ISO-9001 in 2003 and ISO-14001 in 2004; but we are not stopping there. As a "technology-based company," we are continually endeavoring to refine our technology, including high-precision micro-processing technology and liquid drop formation technology.
We have put a knowledge management system in place, in which the customers' requests become the driving power of our business and the sales department coordinates a network of sales, R & D , and Production departments. This system, we believe, is highly effective in fully understand our customers needs and providing the best marking solutions possible.
We are proudly aware of the fact that our products are highly recognized in the world. Each one of us is aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and environmental conservation and is devoted to improving the quality of our products and services and to preventing environmental pollution.

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<Company history>

Dec.1968 Kishu Giken Kogyo Co.Ltd. was established as the first auto stamping maker in Japan.
Jan. 1969 Auto stamping machine for carton paper PC coder T-301type was developed. The base of knowledge of auto stamping was made.
Jun. 1969 PC coder RT type・M type were developed and released.
Nov. 1969 PC coder FT type was developed and released.
Jun. 1972 Entering new field of printing products other than package by developing special appreciation such as PC coder RTBA type for laminate.
May 1974 Capital was increased to 6 million yen.
Jul. 1975 TP-500 type for pipe was developed. Entering the field of printing on extruded products and pipe products.
Jun. 1976 PC coder RTDM-800 type for board was developed.
Aug. 1976 PC coder RTD-600 type for film was developed. Printing on films and sheets became possible.
Sep. 1976 Numbering type PC coder NRT-600 type was developed and released.
Apr. 1980 External signal type numbering NRCT type was developed. Application of numbering was expanded.
Apr. 1982 Tokyo sales office was opened.
Nov. 1984 Capital was increased to 9 million yen
Oct. 1986 Ink Jet Printer presented at Tokyo pack.
Nov. 1987 Ink Jet Printer JET7 was released.
Aug. 1989 Research and development center was founded.
Jul. 1991 Tokyo brunch office building was completed. Tokyo sales office was up graded to Tokyo brunch office.
Nov. 1991 Ink Jet Printer JET HQ was developed and released.
Oct. 1992 Nagoya sales office opened.
Dec. 1992 Ink Jet Printer EBS300 type released.
Jul. 1993 Capital was increased to 10 million yen.
Nov. 1993 Ink Jet Printer JET CM type released.
Dec. 1995 Kainan technical center (mainly research and development) was built.
Mar. 1996 Ink Jet Printer EBS400 type released.
Apr. 1996 Fukuoka sales office was opened.
Mar. 1998 Osaka sales office was opened.
Apr. 1998 Ink Jet Printer JET HQE type released.
Jul. 1998 Ink Jet Printerr JET CM2 type released.
Aug. 1999 Ink Jet Printer JET HQS type released.
Sep. 2000 Ink Jet Printer JET HQ500 type released
Oct. 2001 Ink Jet Printer JET HQL type released.
Sep. 2002 Ink Jet Printer JET VJ type released.
Oct. 2002 Ink Jet Printer JET CCS type released.
Nov. 2002 Oversees subsidiary Jizhou Electronics (shanghai) Ltd. was established.
Aug. 2003 Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tsingtao office were opened.
Oct. 2003 Ink Jet Printer JET HQ256 type released.
Jul. 2005 Ink Jet Printer JET HQC type released.
Dec. 2006 Ink Jet Printer JET CCS-N type released.
Jun. 2007 Ink Jet Printer JET CCS-R type released.
Jul. 2007 Ink Jet Checker PK800 type released.
Aug. 2007 Our associate company in China is now renamed to Jizhou Printing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. from Jizhou Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2008 Shizuoka sales office was opened.
Oct. 2008 Hiroshima sales office was opened.

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